My father (aged 60 years) was suffering with severe knee pain for around 5 years. He could not even walk freely and steadily for 5minutes. He endured a lot of pain and when it came to climbing the stairs,it was literally hell for him. We consulted a few orthopedic specialists and they suggested surgery and knee replacement, that drove fear in us. After much consideration and knowing about Dr. Sunil Dachepalli's expertise, we finally approached him. He gave us the required confidence to prepare for surgery. My father underwent knee replacement surgery on May 12,2022 and it was a success! Now, after recovery and physiotherapy, my father is walking normally. Immense gratitude to Dr. Sunil Dachepalli garu and his team of splendid doctors. I would highly recommend Dr Sunil for everyone who has trouble in their knees,limbs and especially old age ailments.
Hari Priya bijja
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