I am from Somalia. I had a complaints of pain in left hip since ages..difficulty whilst walking and all other activities.I was operated for my left hip(left hip hemiarthroplasty) one year back ,from then on i lost complete hope that i will come back to my normal life and i can walk as before.After listening from one of cousin who was oerated for his knee (total knee replacement ) and he completely good and able to do his normal day to day activities.I came all across to yashoda hospital somajiguda in sake of meeting Dr Sunil Dachepalli sir.After consulting him all of my doubts got cleared, he even explained the present condition of mine.counseled very well and after getting operated now i am doing very well and back to my normal life. I am glad that i met him, he is such a cool and good person.
2019-08-09 11:03:23