When Dr. Sunil Dachepalli was visit in my area hospital sohagpur then I took my mother to him because she has a severe artharitis problem grade III so Dr was advised for TkR and recommended that knee replacement . Both of them Dr. Sunil and his Personal assistant Anirban Ghosh were completely assured to do that. So on the faith of him I have been operate my mother knee replacement surgery. Later on thank to God and Dr Sunil Dachepalli to better serve to this surgery and big thanks for explain everything to me also. He is very intelligent polite and co operative nature. In absence of him their assistant Dr Balakrishna, Dr Anisha and other supportive doctors & staff members were very caring and supportive, so I am very very thankful to Dr Sunil and all team members ( Dr. & Others ). I am very glad for all of these and hospital administration too. Thank you once again Dr. Sunil Dachepalli sir God bless you.
Kiran Ghosh
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