Dr. Sunil Dachepalli is a person with a Heart of Gold and he is on a mission to help more and more people. The Doctor performed the Total Knee Replacement Surgery on Right Knee for my mom(T Savithramma) on Dec 13th,2021 as she had difficult walking. She told me that he operated the surgery in a top notch way. The different doctors and other people who coordinated with the Doctor in the operation theatre have taken good care of my mom. He treated my mom with utmost care and he also treats others as well with utmost care which is why he stands out among other doctors. The doctor made her walk on the same day she was operated which boosted a lot of confidence in her although she was skeptical about it initially. He had taken care of my mom like his own parents and he does the same with every other person. My mom treats him like a god these are the words that have come from my mom and she personally tells that if anyone in any part of the world wants to get their knee operated then Dr.Sunil Dachepalli must be the Go to person. My mom feels over the moon with his treatment and her happiness has no bounds when talking about the doctor and she always talks high about him. She finally tells about the doctor in one word Doctor chala chala chala chala chala chala chala baga chusthaadu.... and it goes on and on and she kept on saying it and her face is glowing with happiness and watching her like that was the best time of my life. Within 1 month she was able to climb the stairs, walk without any issues and the pain subsiding gradually. His unconditional passion is the fuel which is driving more and more people towards him. I always endorse Dr.Sunil Dachepalli and I am happy that I have chosen him and he is one of the unique doctors that I have seen and interacted. He is jovial and I love his etiquettes and gratitude. The Doctor’s team(Dr.Anusha, Dr.Srinivas Reddy and others) also helped a lot special thanks to them. Linga who is doctor’s P.A follows up with the people before surgery without fail and I want to appreciate him for his work.
Phanindra kumar
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