My father aged 89 years from Guntur underwent Hemi orthoplasty on 31st Jan 2022. Dr.Sunil Dachhepalli did the surgery to my father , though my father has been suffering from many health issues. With the coordination of various dept doctors,he did surgery successfully. On 2nd day he made him to walk and discharged the patient on 3rd day. I am happy to state that my father has been recovering day by day and able to walk slowly with the support of physiotherapist. Really happy to see his improvement day by day. Thanks to Dr.Sunil D for his expert services and making my father self sufficient.. Dr.Sunil D is very friendly in his approach and convinced our family members to undergo the surgery to my father in Yasoda hospitals' ,Somajiguda. Dr.L.Krishna Veni
Krishnaveni lankapothu
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