I have been suffering from back pain since 2014 which aggravated during lockdown. I was recommended Dr. Sunil by a friend and I am absolutely happy with his approach to patient care and treatment. He listened patiently, attentively and calmly to my history and symptoms. For a patient who is distressed, a calm and soothing doctor cures half the condition. That was how it was for me. Dr. Sunil worked with me to understand my condition and recommended tests to narrow down diagnoses. I was also impressed that he didn't perform unnecessary examinations nor prescribe unnecessary medications or tests. I left the center feeling confident about my doctor and carefree/ less stressed about my condition. I visited Dr. Sunil at the Innovate Medical Center. My experience at the center was also great. The boy at the reception was quick and active. He informed me of the wait time and quickly completed the formalities. My time at the center was hardly 30 min due to the excellent management and doctor's expertise. Based on my positive experience, I would recommend Dr. Sunil to my friends and family. In today's day and age, he is the kind of doctor we need. There are many money minded, psuedo doctors out there who feed off of patients. They would benefit by his example.
Kakuli bhatt
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