Dr.Sunil Sir is very experienced and exceptional Orthopedic Surgeon, and certainly one of the best doctors in the world. Trust me, I'm saying this because I've experienced his excellence in the surgery I've undergone recently. I was having a non-union Scaphoid fracture, and doctor has suggested me to go ahead with surgery as it needs to be fixed surgically. The method performed was "Vascularized Bone Grafting with internal screw Fixation ORIF" - It's a very rare surgery and most of the surgeons in the world have just read it in the books and no one performed this method or seen it in the recent past. The surgery went exceptionally well and I'm not getting any pain from the time I came out of operation theatre. I'm recovering at a quicker pace, thanks to the doctor's magical hands and intelligence. He knows everything about orthopedics and probably the best in the world. If there is anything related to Orthopaedics, please do consult Dr.Sunil Dachelalli Sir without any hesitation. I'm certain that you'll get the best ever treatment.
Ajay paka
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