R sir, I am B.Naveen Kumar,r/o of nizamabad.my wife name is b.hemalatha she is suffering with acl injury for the last one year we met many doctors in nizamabad,but they did not find what is the problem her,and they are saying you are good no problems were found,next we take an another doctor advice we came to hyd (near secundrabad)here they said what's the real problem she was struggling,but we couldn't satisfied, with the doctor words.after two months in the news paper a pumplent were published on that pumplant the matter is Dr.Sunil dachepally are coming to pragathi hospital at nizamabad.generally we went to meet the doctor of our problem, when we met the doctor we were so impressed,and satisfied and the doctor increased self confidence in our mind the doctor words are look like that he is not a doctor but he was a family doctor of our life we could not forget him,when the sir was saying about our problem it's looking so small.few days after sir was said we must ready for surgery.generally people listen the word of surgery all will be afraid but we have confidence on the doctor we didn't worry, and came to hyd somajiguda yashoda hospital.and our operation were successful.really we are lucky to met the dr.sunil dachepally.
Naveen bobbili
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