Hello, 23rd South East Asian Healthcare Show. 22 - 24 April 2020 - Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre KLCC in April will be where you\'ll have the opportunity to secure new business opportunities. SEACare for short covers the entire profile for the medical-healthcare industries. Meet exhibitors from the European Union, China, Taiwan, S Korea, Americas and of course Malaysia. Make use of the VISITOR PRE-REGISTRTION: https://abcex.com/visreg/ And make plans for securing new products for your own markets. You can even meet Malaysian and Singaporean Manufacturers, who are not exhibitors - simply by preregistering and making known your interest. There\'ll be a online facility / Meeting Areas. It is free of charge. Visas? No Problem. Just pre-reg. to visit and then use the INVITION LETTER: https://abcex.com/visa/ We look forward to making you welcome. The Visitor Team Visitors@abcex.com
Pharma Exhibition
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