On May 2019,My left Forearm got fractured after I got skidded from the Scooty and I rushed to a Somajiguda Yashoda Hospital and After the X-ray taken it is noticed that both the forearm bones got fractured and my Colleague told about Dr.Sunil Dachepalli sir, as he is very famous, excellent and skilled Orthopaedic Doctor, and we met Doctor and i have Undergone a major Surgery by Dr.Sunil sir and implants was put on the both bones and I used to go for a regular visits as Doctor told and recently on June 6th 2020,again I had a surgery for the Implants removal and now my hand is normal without any Complications,A Big Thanks to Dr.Sunil Dachepalli Sir for your Kindness, Sincere caring and concern towards the patients and Kudos to you sir🙏
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