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Types of ankle fractures:

1.Lateral malleolus fracture:

A lateral malleolus fractures is a fracture of the fibula.

Non – Surgical:

In case of undisplaced fractures several different methods are used for protecting the fracture which usually includes a short leg cast.

Picture showing short leg cast


Displaced fractures are treated with plates and screws.

Lateral malleolus fracture
Plates and screw fixation

2. Medial malleolus fracture:

A medial malleolus fracture is a break in the tibia, at the inside of the lower leg.

Non – Surgical:

It can be treated without surgery if undisplaced. It can be treated with short leg cast or removable brace.


It can be treated with screws or wires if displaced.

Medial malleolus fracture
Screw fixation


Physiotherapy and home exercise programs are very important. Eventually you will also start doing strengthening exercises. It may take several months for the muscles around your ankle to get strong enough for you to walk without a limp and return to your regular activities.

Weight Bearing:

Initially non-weight bearing for 6 weeks, later partial weight bearing followed by full weight bearing depending on the healing.

Specific fracture determines when you can start putting weight on your ankle.


1.Fractures of the Toes:

Even though toes are very small, injuries to the toes can be quite painful.


Buddy taping your broken toe to an adjacent toe in case of undisplaced fractures.

Manipulation is done in case of displaced fractures and stabilized with wires or screws.

K-wire fixation

2. Metatarsal fractures:

Fractures can occur in any part of the metatarsal, but most often occur in the neck or shaft of the bone.


Most metatarsal fractures can be treated with an initial period of elevation and limited weight bearing, followed by gradual weight bearing, as tolerated, in a cast or walking boot.

Picture showing air cast boot

Internal fixation is done in case you have fractured several metatarsals at the same time and your foot is deformed or unstable.

X-Ray showing metatarsal fractures
Metatarsal fractures treated with K-wire

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