I am writing this review after almost 45 days of my brother's revision ACL surgery. I am really fortunate to meet Dr. Sunil Dachepalli for my brother's ACL surgery. I was extremely anxious over my brother complete ACL tear after his 1st surgery which was earlier done from a different hospital . As considering the criticality and revision surgery might require, I started searching the doctor could be the best fit for this case. Recommended by my friend , I met Sunil sir and overwhelmed by his first time evaluation and approach he had shown. Without having any second thought ,we decided to undergo the surgery suggested by Sunil Sir. The surgery went extremely well , excellent pain management by his team. He made my brother to walk on 2nd day. And after 40 days of surgery he improved quite a lot and even much better than his first one. I would recommend Dr. Sunil for everyone in this domain . A highly respected ,skilled and passionate doctor in hyderabad . Thank you Dr. Sunil for your outstanding treatment.
Rahul mondal
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