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Writing a review for this doctor is very difficult to be expressed in words but still i would share my story here with this doctor.I got to know about this doctor from one of my family doctor in Kolkata.So as i was not in Hyderabad i mailed this doctor about my moms right knee pain with her previous medical prescriptions and x-rays. After he saw that mail we had a telecommunications and i got confidence on this doctor and book a flight to hyderabad from Kolkata with my parents. After examining my Mom thoroughly and doing some tests he suggested total knee replacement for my Mom, but we got very scared as per some other relatives comments who had done their surgery somewhere else and operation was not successful. When i shared their story with this doctor he directly sent me to a patient whome he had just operated 2 weeks back and came to hospital on that day for stitch removal. So we went to that gentleman and took his very good reviews on the operation done by this doctor and he was also able to move and bend his leg for a full flexion just after 2 weeks of his both knee replacement done. The doctor also sent us to a patient in ot recovery room who was walking first time just after 4 hours of his knee t replacement done.After seeing all this we got confidence and went for a total knee replacement surgery for my Mom s right knee. After the operation doctor made her walk just after 4 hours of her surgery and from next day her Physiotherapy got started in the hospital. The highest pain for my Mom after the surgery was 3 out of 10, that too after doing Physiotherapy ,which was quite less for her rather than previous knee pain. Now it has been 2 weeks and my mom is now walking without any Walker support. She also went upstairs just at the second day of her operation. Now her painkiller is also just paracetamol and no heavy painkiller is prescribed to her still she won\\t be complaining about any pain to me even after her Physiotherapy. It is actually my moms words to every person who is having a knee pain and need a knee replacement but not doing so by thinking that it may get failed and tolerating this pain they all should go to this doctor and made this operation done by him if needed. In one word i can tell this doctor is the most transparent, responsive, helpful , friendly person in this earth i have ever met as a doctor. I trust his words blindly now as i know that he is brilliant in his job and nature as well.

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I will be happy to recommend you Doctor Sunil to others. You have been such a great doctor throughout these days. I wish others can experience your care and expertise as a doctor. Medicines are just instrument to heal a person, but the comforting words of a doctor do a great job in healing one\'s spirit. I also would like to Thank Dr Sriharsha Asst Surgeon and Dr Vasudev Anesthetist. You guys doing great work and I can certainly tell you that you will be expert one day in shadow of Mr Sunil Dachepalli. Thank you once again for your cheerful and sincere approach to your patients. I am lucky to be one of them, God Bless You All.

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I am from kothogudem, i had a complaint of knee pain since one year,visited so many doctors but there was not much relief and no one has given the correct diagnosis.I heard about Dr Sunil Dachepalli from my hometown and came yashoda hospital somajiguda for his consultation.After consulting him i felt very happy as he explained my condition and even councelled regarding the need of surgery . I was bit scared but doctor gave me enough confidence and I underwent total knee replacement surgery. After getting operated I am very much thankful to sir that I can lead my normal life asusual. He is the best and friendly doctor .

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Hello All, We are very much happy with Dr.Sunil Dachepalli\'s treatment, my mother undergone Knee Surgery and she is very much comfortable now. We met many doctors about the knee pain and finally we met Dr.Sunil # Yashodhaa hospital and he suggested knee replacement and it went very well. We are ever thankful to Dr.Sunil Dachepalli for his great services. Thank You, Chandrasekhar.

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Very professional doctor with a smiling approach to any problem. Swift and accurate diagnosis with proper treatment. My son underwent a discoid meniscle tear surgery which was diagnosed, operated and cured efficiently and effectively. He was suffering from the pain from around an year but the correct diagnosis was made only by Dr. Sunil at Yashoda, Somajiguda branch. The best part is that he mentions only necessary tests for the patients which helps the patient\'s pockets too. Have already recommended Dr. Sunil to few of my acquaintances. His team member Dr. Anusha is also very helpful and they don\'t rush patients without listening patiently. We are glad to know the doctor. God Bless!!

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I have been suffering with knee joint pain since 10 yrs and so many doctors for solution. But I felt confident only after meeting Dr. Sunil dachipalli. He is so patient friendly and confident. I underwent surgery without any hesitation. I am very happy with his treatment. And I can strongly suggest Dr. Sunil dachipalli as a Good orthopedic surgeon.

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I am glad that I opted for Dr.Sunil to treat my wife`s knee. She had an ACL tear when she met with an accident. Dr. Sunil was very helpful while diagnosing the problem and post operation the recovery was also very fast. Thanks to Dr. Sunil and his assistant Dr.Anusha for taking care of my wife. Very happy with the progress she is making. Swaroop (Deloitte).

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I am from Somalia. I had a complaints of pain in left hip since ages..difficulty whilst walking and all other activities.I was operated for my left hip(left hip hemiarthroplasty) one year back ,from then on i lost complete hope that i will come back to my normal life and i can walk as before.After listening from one of cousin who was oerated for his knee (total knee replacement ) and he completely good and able to do his normal day to day activities.I came all across to yashoda hospital somajiguda in sake of meeting Dr Sunil Dachepalli sir.After consulting him all of my doubts got cleared, he even explained the present condition of mine.counseled very well and after getting operated now i am doing very well and back to my normal life. I am glad that i met him, he is such a cool and good person.

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I am hadeel najim from iraq professionally a judge I had a problem in my left thumb with restricted movements since one year but there was no relief even after visiting several doctors in iraq. After getting to know about Dr Sunil Dachepalli in Yashoda hospital somajiguda Hyderabad, India. After visiting him he understood my problem, counselled me after which i underwent minor surgical procedure. Post surgery I am felling much better and I got my movements back. I am so thankful to Dr Sunil and his team and the entire yashoda staff who took care of me


Recently undergone shoulder surgery Dr.Sunil sir was helpful in all the way during and post recovery process .. very much satisfied with the treatment .